Employment Tribunal claims and proceedings in the Employment Appeal Tribunal

Our lawyers have conducted thousands of such claims since 1995 in almost all the Employment Tribunal venues across the UK. They have also appeared in the EAT in London and Scotland. The range of claims which they have dealt is as broad as the employment legislation itself, from straightforward unfair dismissal claims to complex discrimination and business transfer cases lasting many weeks. They have also conducted cases in the civil courts in relation to restraint of trade, misuse of confidential information and solicitation of customers or clients for both employers and employees.

Settlement Agreements for both employers and employees

Advice and assistance for employers on the drafting and undertaking  the  negotiation of settlement agreements. Advice for employees on the agreements themselves, often with negotiation regarding the terms and the value of the agreements, from simple agreements to extremely complicated senior executive terminations involving shares and share options.

Dismissal and termination strategies

Advising employers in respect of how to deal with the fair dismissal of employees in respect of the broad range of reasons and also how to deal with situations where dismissal is a possible outcome. Advising employees on situations prior to termination, for example in cases of constructive dismissal.

Individual and collective redundancies

Advising employers on the redundancy process from initial consideration, through consultation to dismissal, including large scale redundancy or restructuring programmes affecting the entire workforce. Advising employees on the process of being made redundant and whether such process is fair and whether all options have been considered.

Discrimination and Equal Opportunities

Wide ranging advice for both employers and employees on the impact of the various areas of discrimination including sex, disability, age, race and sexual orientation both prior to and after termination of employment, including the obligations on employers and the rights of employees and claims resulting from a possible failure to comply.

Disciplinary and grievance proceedings

Advice and guidance on how to deal with internal procedures for both employers and employees, including advising employers during the process and at the hearings and advising and representation of employees.

Employment contracts, policies and procedures

Drafting and reviewing the broad range of documentation which forms part of the employment relationship, most commonly the contract of employment and company handbooks, together with extensive advice on restrictive covenants and restraint of trade for both employers and employees.

Business reorganisation and restructuring

Advice on the planning, implementation and effect of reorganisations within the workplace and the associated areas of employment law such as redundancy and unfair dismissal.

Transfers of Undertaking TUPE

Advice and planning of TUPE transfers for employers, including negotiation with the incoming employer and the affected workforce, together with advice for employees and the implications of being a transferred employee. Further, representation at tribunals in respect of disputed transfers.


Providing internal client seminars and training events on specific areas of law, including practical advice on dealing with, for example, disciplinary and grievance procedures or ill heath absences. Providing more general employment training to commercial organisations and other bodies on changes or key developments in the field of employment law.