Zero Hours Contracts

Hot off the press, and not much detail as usual, the Government has announced that exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts will be banned.

Two things come to mind:

Firstly, this suggests that zero hours contracts are here to stay. Otherwise, why would the Government be tinkering with them?

Secondly, if you are working in a zero hours industry, do you really have the option to object to the terms of your contract and, even if it is not a term, will that employer be happy if you go and work for the competition? Surely an employer has the right to be concerned about this possibility which is a term often found in standard employment contracts?

There has been a great deal of publicity about such contracts and how they can be used unfairly. With that said, in our experience they can be used by both parties to good effect. It seems we now wait and see how the debate develops.


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